Get Highly Efficient in 2014 with Fox Valley Electric!

Lighting can account for as much as 40% of your commercial electric bill.  As an SRP Lighting Alliance Contractor, Fox Valley Electric can work with your business to qualify for a free lighting audit (a $125 value) and discounted pricing that covers approximately 75% of the costs for new energy-efficient equipment and installation.

By retrofitting old and outdated lighting your company can reduce lighting costs by up to 35%, reduce maintenance and repair costs, enhance your employees’ and customers’ experience via better lighting, and usually recoup your investment in less than a year.

What can I get rebates for?

  • T5 and T8 fluorescents
  • 8-foot T12 strip conversion kits
  • Hardwired and permanent CFL fixtures
  • Ceramic metal halide lamps
  • LED exit signs and approved LED fixtures
  • Occupancy sensors

Want to learn more?  Contact the highly efficient experts at Fox Valley Electric!